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At one time, moving from one country to another was a huge undertaking, a once in a lifetime event that took years of planning. But in the modern, interconnected world it is much easier to move to another country and there are also a lot of reasons why it is worth doing, even if it only for a period of time.

Why moving is good

Just like moving around the UK used to be, moving around the world takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you the chance to learn about a new culture, a different place and fresh ways of life. You can learn a new language (and put your learning to good use in your chosen new home) or even just learn about a new version of English spoken in countries around the world.

Moving somewhere completely new helps develop your social skills too. Whether you are moving alone, with a partner or with the whole family, you will meet new people. There is often a curiosity about new people that will make it easier to build relationships. And once you have made that first initial step, building new relationships with people from different cultures can be fascinating and very rewarding.

There are also benefits in a professional capacity for a lot of different occupations. Whether you are a doctor wanting to help people who don’t have the kind of health system we have or a tech person wanting to bring the internet to people, you can do your job in a whole new way. Even doing the same job can seem like a new one when you are somewhere completely different.

Practical considerations

Of course, moving to another country takes more planning and preparation than relocating within the UK. While the idea of going to a country for a holiday and staying there to live might seem like a wonderful idea, it is more the stuff of TV shows than practicality.   Moving takes resources which means liquidating assets in this country – selling your house, your car and other belongings. So being organised and having a clear financial plan is crucial to success.

Talk to people about the area you are considering moving to. Other expats are an excellent source of information while there are still plenty of real estate agents out there willing to help.   Check out information on the internet to get a feel for an area as well as looking at housing prices and other important facilities. If you don’t speak the language proficiently yet, find someone reliable who can act as a translator for you when you do go out there.


There is also some learning to do before you move to another country. You need to learn the language but also customs and culture. Start with the basics of how to greet people, how to share a meal and common ways you can offend the locals to know what to avoid! Learning to integrate in a culture will give you some leeway with the locals but by having good background knowledge, you can show you have tried and simply gone a little wrong

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