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best-citiesWhen people talk about the best cities in the world in which to live, they often focus on the basics. Areas such as the crime rate, the house prices and the quality of the schools. They look at transport links such as the roads, rail and where the airports have links to. But there is more to life than just the bare statistics so here we look at the best cities in terms of their culture and the lifestyle they offer.


Vienna makes the top of most lists of the world’s best cities, regardless of the standards used. The city has an amazingly cheap public transport system, low crime rate and high employment. But more than that it is packed with architecturally amazing buildings, palaces and museums as well as hidden gems such as Habsburg-era coffee houses. Living amongst a city as beautiful as this one would be a pleasure and there is also plenty of green spaces to enjoy a break from the urban sprawl.


Italy is crammed with amazing cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence but Parma is one that is definitely on the list to live in, rather than just visit. The city is as historically and architecturally rich as its fellow Italian cities and is also famous for its food – Parma ham really does come from the city. It would make a brilliant place to live and to tour the region – a trip across the Adriatic to Croatia, a short flight down toe Greece or even just to other Italian cities.


Toronto is another to often feature on top cities to live in indexes due to the safeness of the city, the thriving job market and the cost of living. It is also a multi-cultural city known for its food and art festivals and has the second largest public transport system in North America, meaning that getting around the city is easy and a good way to avoid the roads, which often get a bit busy.


There’s no doubting Paris’ qualifications as a great place to live. The ancient city has the Musee de Louvre with its Mona Lisa inside and stunning glass pyramid outside while the Eiffel Tower stands guard over the city. As well as the architecture and museums, the city is equally famous for its cuisine and its shopping. All those big name shops and independent boutiques make it a shopper’s heaven while the French food and wine is without parallel around the world.


The Japanese lifestyle is one that many people admire and the city of Kyoto combines this lifestyle with a wealth of history and culture. There are no tall buildings with neon adverts around the city centre, instead there are ponds and gardens, Buddhist and Shinto temples dating back hundreds of years all of which indicate a reverence for the past. The city has a different speed to it than many western cities and visiting a traditional ryokan inn for homemade noodles is just one of the things that the city’s occupants love to do.

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